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Most students find a challenge when it comes to writing research paper. There are several basic tips that can help students to come up with research papers of high academic quality. Coming up with an outline for your research paper is very important. This is like a guide that will help you present your ideas logically. The introduction to your research paper should appear at the beginning. Ensure you come up with a good outline so that you know what to include in your introduction. Tips offered by Essay Writing Help writers and Buy Essay writing experts.

Friday, 7 September 2012

How To do research paper bibliography

A research paper bibliography is a list of all the work that has been cited within your paper. The bibliography appears at the end of your paper. 
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How to do a research paper bibliography
The research paper bibliography is perhaps the most important part of your paper. In academic writing it is very important for one to indicate the source of all the ideas they have. It is important to know how to do a research paper bibliography. Even if your topic involves going into the field and doing primary data collection, you will first have to do some literature review. All the literature you review for your topic has to be indicated in your research paper bibliography.
The research paper bibliography has to be written according to the particular academic
writing style you are using. Always remember that whatever style you decide to use you have to adhere to the necessary rules from the introduction all the way to the bibliography. It is academically unacceptable to use more than one style within the same paper.
In your bibliography, you must have reviewed academic work by the key academic authorities in the subject area your topic covers. For example, you cannot be doing a paper on the evolution of man and fail to refer to work by the likes of Charles Darwin. This will show that your literature review was not done satisfactorily.
No matter the style of writing you are using you need to know how to do a research paper bibliography. There are certain key things that will appear on your bibliography.
·         The author of the material you have referred to.This can be one or several. When they are more than one, list their names alphabetically. You will be required to indicate their surname followed by an initial of their first name.
·         Then you will have to indicate the date of the publication of that material. It is advisable that you use more recent material to make your work look more credible as opposed to listing books that were written in the 1700s.
·         You will need to indicate the publisher of the book and the country if available.
These useful tips will help you to know how to do a research paper bibliography.

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