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Most students find a challenge when it comes to writing research paper. There are several basic tips that can help students to come up with research papers of high academic quality. Coming up with an outline for your research paper is very important. This is like a guide that will help you present your ideas logically. The introduction to your research paper should appear at the beginning. Ensure you come up with a good outline so that you know what to include in your introduction. Tips offered by Essay Writing Help writers and Buy Essay writing experts.

Friday, 7 September 2012

How to do a research paper cover page

Different academic institutions have their own traditional way of doing the research paper cover page. The student needs to know what style their institution prefers for the research paper cover page. It also depends on the kind of academic writing style you have adopted for your paper. For example, some academic writing styles will require that you do not bold any words in your paper while other will allow you to bold your research paper cover page. Some writing styles can allow you to use italics while others do not.
First, to knowing how to do a research paper cover page is to know what it should contain. There are several things that can guide you to know how to do a research paper cover page:
·         The topic
Your cover page must contain the topic for your research paper. The topic should be at the
topmost of your research paper. This makes it easy for a reader to know what the paper is about without having to flip to the next page. Have a great topic at the top of your cover page will also grasp the attention of the reader making them curious to read beyond the cover page.
·         Your department
Most institutions will require that you include the department or faculty under which your course falls under. This way the reader will also know your academic background and your point of view concerning the subject matter. If your work is placed in a library, a reader will be able to know the relevance of your input to whatever reason they want to read your paper.
            Date of submission
Some institutions will require you write the year you submitted the work. Others will require that you include the month too.
          The supervisor
Sometimes you may have to include the name of your instructor or whoever the research paper is being submitted to. Ensure you get their title right. For example, do not write Mr. John Doe when the accurate title is Dr. John Doe. Even if you know how to do a research paper cover page getting this title wrong can cost you a lot.

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